Welcome to F3D! At F3D we develop browser based 3D games and applications. If you have need a 3D application that runs directly in your web browser or your mobile device without the need for any big installs or plug-ins, then we have the technology for you!

  • no need to purchase a disc from a store
  • no big download or lengthy install
  • no plug-ins needed
  • not even an email address (user data is via facebook)
  • content delivered via your browser and cached locally
  • apps delivered to your deskop / laptop or a mobile device

Our key ethos is that by lowering the barriers to entry we allows your users to get directly to your application with the minimum of fuss. Check out some of our technology demos in the 3D demos section!

fb-logoOur first title Cimmerian Space is close to its Alpha Test you can find out more about it at our press page.

Find out more on the Cimmerian Space facebook page